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About us

Nika has been present on the Slovak market for 20 years. From the early beginning in 1992 and under its original name 'Petribud' the company quickly established itself into a well known business within the boundaries of its region. A little time passed and a few international customers also helped to build up a prestige of the company and spread around the quality of its products. A decade later the business was ready for an expansion. A new factory and office premises were built and simultaneously the company's business name changed from 'Petribud' to 'Nika'. This transformation confirmed Nika's stable place in the furniture market industry and highlighted their acclaimed craftsmanship and dedicated customer service.

Nika's strength truly comes from the heart of the Petrincova family, who has been keeping the company firmly in their hands from the very beginning. The couple, Jan Petrinec and Anna Petrincova, are both the brain behind the Nika's success. While Anna is responsible for the important logistics, accountancy and human resources, her husband, Jan, runs the factory and performs the site surveys. A few years ago their eldest daughter, Katarina, also joined the team and earned herself a position of a furniture designer and operations manager.